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5 Best Artificial Plants to Buy in 2022

Inject some life and colour into your home with

wolfwinner online casino’s pick of the best artificial plants you can buy. 

1. Ikea Fejka eucalyptus potted plant

This self-contained, sage-green potted plant from Ikea is the perfect wipe-clean addition to any washroom. It’s small enough not to feel imposing in even the most compact of bathrooms; its 12cm diameter and 0.33kg weight mean it can be placed atop shelves or wider window sills or even hung from the shower rail, while its 58cm trail of leaves can be artfully placed, draped or wound in a place of your choosing. The leaves resemble eucalyptus, meaning you could even match your bathroom products to the plant itself, for added verisimilitude.

2. Habitat Mid Century Artificial Snake Plant

With its understated mustard pot, this 55cm-tall snake plant from Habitat makes a lovely addition to any side or dining table. Its horizontally protruding leaves are emblazoned with a delicate and varied botanical pattern – part of the attention to detail that makes this plant so realistic. All you need to do to keep it looking fresh is to give it the odd dust.

3. Sophie Conran Handmade Flower Sculpture Collection

Originally retailing at £68 per plant, you can now snap up this trio of handmade sculptures for £120 in the summer sale (down from £196). The collection includes an inky purple hyacinth, a martagon lily in vibrant orange peppered with rusty brown seeds, and a dusky pink digitalis (otherwise known as the foxglove). The creations are handmade from embossed metal, and emerge rigidly from stylish and versatile terracotta pots. Place them lovingly in different rooms of the house, or gather them together for an understated but show-stopping centrepiece.
Key details – Material: Embossed metal; Height: Varies according to model (29cm–34cm); Width: Varies according to model (14cm–15.5cm); Depth: Varies according to model (11cm–13cm); Weight: 430g each; Care instructions: Dust with a dry soft cloth

4. 100cm Artificial Monstera

If you’re looking for a more sizeable artificial plant, it’s hard to go wrong with a monstera, otherwise known as the Swiss cheese plant because of its holey leaves. Real monsteras tend to have glossy leaves, so the artificial shine you get with some faux plants won’t look too conspicuous. This consideration is all the more important when you’re investing in a bigger piece: a larger surface area means a greater chance of eagle-eyed visitors cottoning on. This 100cm monstera from Amazon will inject any room with a dose of zingy, green vibrancy, and makes for some aesthetically pleasing silhouettes in the sun. The stems are wired and can be moulded into positions of your choosing. If you’re after a slightly bigger model, this 120cm faux Monstera from La Redoute stands tall as a suitable alternative, and is now a very reasonable £43 in the sale (down from £79). It will complement your gaming experience while playing games at best online casinos New Zealand.

5. George Artificial Palm Tree Plan

At just £15, this artificial palm tree plant from George at Asda is a real bargain. At 80cm high, it’s imposing enough to feel like a statement piece, but with a 13cm width and depth when boxed, it’s slim enough to fit in a child’s or student bedroom. If you want an artificial plant that will transport you to a place of balmy evening walks on the beach without breaking the bank, this instant staple offers a lot of bang for your buck. If you’d like a bigger model, there’s a more substantial 110cm version available for £30.

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