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5 reasons why information technology will grow in the world

Information technology (IT) are tools and services that help society to be better informed, to interact more effectively, and even to have learned just a click away. You may also like to read how to get sea pickles in minecraft via

Through devices and software, humanity is closer than ever, geographical, linguistic, and even sensory limitations are becoming smaller. Do you want to know more? Read on below:

In the same way, the barriers between gadgets have been disappearing, which creates an information network between platforms as large as a galaxy.

To make this easier and understand the importance of IT growth, we leave you 5 reasons why it will grow worldwide in the next decade:

A Less Hierarchical Work Structure

They increase the flow of horizontal information. They eliminate inequality and lack of interaction between employees, creating an environment of greater equity and participation, resulting in more effective decisions.

Technology development

Accessibility To A World Of Information

They collect colossal amounts of data in small spaces that are extraordinary support to the intellectual work of man. Its transmission is immediate, which provides academic, informative, useful, and easily accessible content.

Wide Communication And Coverage

The constant evolution of the media has given us channels such as the Internet that currently allows us to contact any person or institution on a global level, eliminating limits such as distances or languages.

Task Automation

Artificial intelligence, whether in agendas, cell phones, email, or conversational bots, some even with humor, performs tasks that are so repetitive and impossible for a person to perform. They thus create a variety of solutions for the user.

Growth Of Companies And Businesses

The use of the cloud, operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, automation of manual processes, and proximity to the client through online platforms save money, man-hours, and resources. They thus achieve greater administration and better service.

In 2018, a 5% growth in the IT industry is estimated ( “The IT Industry Outlook 2018” by CompTIA), which will affect high-level executives to smaller providers. However, most citizens do not have access to these tools due to their cost. However, various organizations seek to bridge this technological, social, and economic gap through donations and training.

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The New ICT Resources

The importance of information and communication technologies in the educational field is also evident in the development of new instructional resources, such as interactive whiteboards, laptops, modern projectors, as well as software and applications to implement teaching and learning strategies. This is how the use of ICT is considered an important resource for the mediation of the educational fact and the integral formation of the students.

Also, the use of educational strategies and resources linked to them, offer different advantages:

  • They encourage the student’s interest in learning, favoring their processes of self-regulation and autonomy.
  • They contribute to the development of digital literacy, because both teachers and students develop digital skills, while the contents of the curricular units are mediated, which allows reducing the digital divide.
  • They favor the management of teamwork, meaningful learning, and problem-solving.

To this is added the fact that its use stimulates the creativity of teachers and optimizes the administration of time dedicated to planning, monitoring, and evaluation of learning. Likewise, it facilitates study by students, who have more complete information bases, such as virtual libraries.

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