create a virtual phone number

How to create a virtual phone number?

Do you want to know what the characteristics of the virtual number are? How can I create one for online services? Discover all this with us. There are numerous online services that, for registration purposes, require the indication of the telephone number, even in the face of the need to carry out a registration confirmation procedure through the telephone number. It is often a way to ensure greater security during registration. However, not everyone appreciates the idea of ​​sharing their telephone number on the internet. For this reason, it can be useful to use a virtual number.

What is the virtual number?

The virtual number is simply a temporary telephone number, which can be obtained through the web and is valid for a limited period. It is a useful tool to avoid having to provide your usual address, which you may prefer to keep confidential. In this regard, numerous services online allow, free of charge, to create a virtual number to receive SMS. For example, using the virtual number for Telegram is useful, as otherwise, it is impossible to register without providing your telephone number.

How to create a virtual number?

First of all, it is good to know that the virtual mobile number is only temporary. It is good to use them only in case of absolute necessity, as many web services use an automatic verification and blocking system to avoid the abuse of these systems. That said, several sites allow you to create a virtual number for free.

Such as Receive-SMS

This is a site that makes some US numbers available, which can be used for receiving SMS. You need to access the site’s home page, then go to the Demo Numbers section, where you can find the address to use. Once chosen, just click on it to see the messages received, with the date of receipt and the origin of the message.

Therefore, using one of these free numbers to register online, you can read the confirmation message on this screen, which will appear at the top of the list. Of course, you can see all the messages received from this number shared by all users who choose to use it. If you want to use a virtual number. It must be purchased privately through the Pricing section, which allows you to purchase packages of numbers.


It offers a series of numbers of various nationalities. Also, in this case, it will be sufficient to select the number you have chosen to see the list of messages received on it and find your own if it was used. Also, in this case, the service is free, but you can always choose to buy a private telephone number by clicking on “Buy private number.”

Free Online Phone

It is characterized by an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Just click on the “Read SMS” button located next to the number chosen to view the messages received, checking which can be yours based on date, time, and sender. Of course, with numerous messages arriving from many people using the same address, you will have to be careful to locate yours.

Spoof Box

It is a site specializing in disposable services, from emails to virtual phone numbers. From the site’s home page, you will have to click on the drop-down menu, where it says, “Select one of our temporary numbers.” In this way, you can immediately choose numbers of different nationalities, even Italians. Once you have chosen the address, you will have to use it for the service you want to register for, then click on the “Receive” button to view all the messages received.

To verify that the selected number is active, you can click on the word “Number” in the center of the screen and search among all the numbers if the chosen number is online or not. The service has the additional advantage of being usable by Android and iOS devices. This allows you to use the virtual number service even on a mobile device.

Other useful services for this purpose are Get Free Sms Number, Sms Receive Free, Receive-Sms-Online. Some are usable only from the web, others from mobile devices. Alternatively, some companies allow the purchase of VoIP numbers to be used by computers or smartphones.

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