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Impact of Technology on Children

We have all become deeply involved with technology, to the point that it is already a fundamental part of our daily lives, which we basically cannot do without. But in the same way that we have been influenced as adults, it is important to emphasize the impact of technology on children. For this reason, this time we will touch on this topic in-depth, telling you about the most positive aspects… And the most negative that technology shows about the little ones.

How has technology changed our lives?

Technology and children

Technological development, in all areas of daily life, has played a fundamental role in our evolution as a society. What a few years ago seemed impossible, today is beginning to take shape in reality. It is not enough to say that it has changed the way we communicate, but it has also improved countless fields such as medicine, architecture, and many more.

Even with the current situation derived from the health emergency, it is clear that technology has been, in part, our best ally. A more ingenious way of attending classes became present and the proliferation of remote work became the new reality.

This would not have been possible a few years ago, so by far, we have been favored by the existence of technological tools, being able to work, study and communicate without having to leave home.

But what is the impact of technology on children?

It is a controversial topic, there are conflicting opinions regarding the impact of technology on children. It is clear that there are many good things with which the little ones have been favored, such as access to information and the possibility of continuing their studies remotely.

But not everything is rosy, on the darker side we find children who have poured all their energy into electronic devices and video games, as well as it is known that it is precisely the smallest that is the easiest target for online scammers, as well as the victims of depraved in social networks.

How to protect children while using technology?

As a mother or father, you may be wondering how to make your child safe while using electronic media, and, although you are never completely exempt, there are some measures you can take to protect your child:

Assign schedules

Do not allow the child to spend most of the day with his cell phone or any other device that diverts his attention from really important matters. You can allow him to use them for a limited period of time after he has fulfilled his duties.

Find out

Investigate and know what the dangers of the network are, and try to prevent your child from being exposed. Live with him and do not allow him to focus all his attention on the use of the internet. Studies have shown that excessive internet use can lead to childhood depression and anxiety.

See what he does on the internet

If your child is constantly surfing the internet, monitor what pages they visit by looking at their browser history. You may also want to block some websites that you shouldn’t see.

Make conscious use of the computer

If your child uses the computer at home, make sure to place it in an easily accessible place where you can supervise what it does and also keep the antivirus updated.

Educate him

Teach him about the dangers of the web and let him know not to share personal information with strangers.

understanding the technology

Technology, in any of its aspects, but especially with the Internet connection, is a tool from which we can take great advantage. But just as we want to benefit from it in positive ways, there are those who misuse it to take advantage of people.

However, this does not mean that we should live limited by fear, knowing what the risks are and what the impact of technology is on children and in general on everyone, is the first step to making more conscious and successful use of technology. the same.

If your child is beginning to enter this world, the best thing you can do is educate him to prevent him from being affected by the risks that are already common on the internet and that are the result of people’s experimentation with technology.

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