How to install Webroot with Keycode?

,It is essential to install an antivirus solution so that your data is protected from viruses and malware attacks. It is always recommended to install Webroot antivirus solution on your device. The process for windows 10 install webroot with key code is quite simple to understand.

install webroot with key code

Here, in this article, you will get to know the steps that are required to install Webroot with key code.

Prerequisites to install Webroot antivirus on your device

  1. You need to be sure that the computer matches the system requirements.
  2. Go through the licensing agreement before installing the Webroot setup.
  3. Make sure that the connection between computer and Internet is stable.
  4. Keep the key code handy with you and remember that if you purchased a multi-user license, then use the same key code in order to install the software.
  5. You should uninstall all the older versions of Webroot antivirus if any.

What are the steps to install Webroot with key code?

To install Webroot with key code you need to follow the steps mentioned below: –

  1. Launch the installation process either from a CD or from a downloaded file.
  2. Once the Webroot installer dialog box appears on-screen, you have to enter the key code. If you are not able to find the key code you have to click on the “Help me find my keycode” option.
  3. You can also click on the “Installation Options” to modify the Installation location, creating shortcuts of Webroot, randomize the installed filename, Protecting Webroot related files and documents from modifications and Change in language. Click on the “Close” option when you have completed these editing.
  4. Now, click on the “Agree and Install” to initiate the installation process.
  5. Enter your email address, if prompted on –screen and then click on the “Continue” option.
  6. The Webroot will begin to scan and configure the application.
  7. If you wish to exit from Webroot file then click on the “X” on the window and if you wish to view the program screen then select the “Start using SecureAnywhere” option.
  8. In order to verify that the software for windows 10 install webroot with key code is running, you just need to search the Webroot icon.
  9. In case you have purchased a multi-user license, you can easily install the Webroot antivirus on other linked PCs.

To sum up:-

Here are the steps which will help you to install webroot with key code. On the website you will get support from the Customer Support  team where you can resolve your queries by asking the support assistant for help.

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