Resolve speed issues when using Webroot Wi-Fi Security

Webroot has always strived hard to provide users with the secured and fastest services to its users. But at times the VPN which secures our Internet connectivity lowers the speed level of our device. This annoys the user and makes them frustrated. The secure VPN uses certain programs and features of our device and hence it resulted in the problem with our device.VPN is something through which your device first links to whenever it makes a connection with the Internet. It needs a certain time to build connections and ultimately the combined time becomes noticeable.

There might be many reasons for the occurrence of this issue and one of the biggest reasons is Network congestion between your device and the server of Webroot. There might be other reasons such as network congestion between the server and the destination site. In the following section, you will find out the basic tips to boost up the speed of your device when it is protected by any kind of Wi-Fi security. You can also reach out to know more about Webroot Wi-Fi Security.

Basic tips to improve the speed when using the Wi-Fi Security feature

Here are some steps to try to improve the speed level of your device when using Webroot Wi-Fi Security:

  • Change the VPN server- you can try to switch the current server from the one you are using to another.
  • Try to switch the encryption protocol-no matter you are using Windows or Mac, there is a protocol that you can try to change. This might improve the speed of your device. Unfortunately, you cannot do this on mobile devices.
  • Avoid using wireless connection- use wired connection instead of going for wireless connection because they seem to be faster than the later one.
  • Check your firewall and security settings- another thing you can try is to disable the firewall or settings if there are any because they might be the reason for the occurrence of the issue. If the problem persists even after disabling it, you should enable the settings again.
  • Visit you can visit this website if you wish to. Here you will find a “blog” section that might prove to be helpful. There are certain articles that guide a user to find an apt solution to their problem.
  • Change your device- when you use a VPN connection on your device it uses huge encryption and resources that your device might not have. Since modern devices tend to have a huge number of resources, you can try to switch to a modern one.

To conclude-

If the tips that are given above did not prove to be helpful to you, then you may run a speed test to have a glance at the performance level of your device. If the result shows that the performance level is low, then you may use possible ways to boost up the speed of your device when using Webroot Wi-Fi security that you have downloaded via

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