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The best technologies so that your company is protected

Valuable documents and personal data about customers may be at the headquarters of a large or small company, so ensuring their security is vital to protecting the entire company. Here we review some of the commercial security systems that use technologies to keep offices safe and secure.

Keyless Security Systems

Security technologies

Technology is replacing traditional locks with digital keys and locks, offering one of the best commercial security systems. Digital locks are not only more secure, but they are also more convenient, as you don’t need keys or key fobs, nor do you have to worry about losing them. The most common are biometric locks, which require a fingerprint to access, and electronic locks, which use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology, as well as a mobile application.

Video Intercom

Not every business has an office building with its own security system. For these cases, a video door entry system is a very useful security system that allows you to see who is at the door before opening it. You can grant or deny access remotely through an app on your phone. Take a look at video door phone systems from Ring and TMEZON.

Commercial Security Cameras

Security cameras are excellent deterrents and also help solve crimes. Many of today’s commercial security cameras are Wi-Fi enabled and have their own apps, so you can view the footage on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. Check out the Nest Cam for increased outdoor security and Netatmo ‘s range of indoor and outdoor commercial security cameras.

Visit Management Systems

A visitor management system allows you to control who is in your office, their names, when they come and go, and who they meet. Many systems also allow you to take photos of your visitors, print badges, and capture signatures, making your office a more secure place, saving time, and improving brand image! Take a look at Proxyclick and Envoy Passport.

Alarm Systems

There are some impressive new technologies that allow you to control your alarm system from your mobile, giving you total insight into the security of your business, wherever you are and at any time. There are comprehensive solutions that include window sensors, a siren, and surveillance cameras. Other options include motion detectors, cameras, and sirens, as well as mobile apps to control everything from your smartphone.

Protect Your Accounts

Just like your facilities, you should also ensure the protection of your online accounts, especially if you store personal data. For any staff member with administrator access to important information, it’s a good idea to provide extra security in addition to a password. Hardware security keys like the Google Titan are perfect for this: they allow you to check a URL, websites you’re trying to access, and your identity.

Finally, since it is almost impossible to protect your business against all security threats, it is crucial to have insurance that gives you peace of mind and protection. Check out Generali’s business insurance here, where you’ll find a whole range of solutions to protect your business.

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