Top 4 Photo Printers

If you want a printer for specifically printing out snaps, then you’ll want to check out the very best photo printer options curated by best online casino.

Canon PIXMA G650

For the best overall printer we’ve used for printing out photos, look no further than the Canon PIXMA G650. This is especially thanks to the fact it offers a six-ink setup, offering two additional bottles, compared to more standard printers, in the form of another grey and red. This enables the printer to offer a wider array of colours, as well as better shade control, resulting in some brilliant printed photos. We found the G650’s dyes to be perfect for photo paper too. The trade-off for such good photo paper printers is that the G650 is one of the slowest document printers we’ve tested. If you need to have those photos or text in a rush, you may want to look elsewhere. In addition, functions such as duplex (double-sided) printing or faxing aren’t here, but you do get an especially speedy scanner that, in testing, proved to have some great colour reproduction.

Epson EcoTank ET-2750

The Epson EcoTank ET-2750 is our pick for a photo printer that’s versatile enough to perform other tasks too. As well as being a photo printer, the ET-2750 is also a decent scanner. This is one of the speedier prints we’ve tested too, taking 1 minute 13 seconds to print a colour photo on plain A4. On higher quality paper, it took around a few seconds longer. The print quality itself is excellent, with great results on glossy paper and higher-quality photo papers especially. The Epson ET-2750 offers some of the cheapest per-print costs of any printer we’ve tested. Colour refills are £8.49 each, and with these, you’ll be able to get 6000 pages before needing a refill. For black ink, these retail for £13.99, although you’ll be able to get 7500 pages worth of printouts before needing to fill it up again. Epson’s EcoTank printers have always been some of the most economical out there, and the ET-2750 helps to prove that yet again.

Canon Pixma TS205

The Canon Pixma TS205 is a good choice as a more affordable option for printing snaps. Its print quality for general documents may be prone to smudging, but we found that photos printed on glossy paper looked excellent, with rich and natural colours. The same cannot be said for printed graphics, but for such an affordable printer, we found the photo printing quality to be more than good enough. As well as offering decent quality output, the print speeds for the TS205 are also okay, with a colour photo on plain A4 taking 46 seconds, while glossy photo paper output took nearly 4 minutes. Print costs for the TS205 are in line with other affordable cartridge-based inkjet printers, with an average-per-page cost of 10p across black and colour ink – the black PG-545 cartridge will run you £16.49 for a 180-page yield, while a colour CL-546 cartridge will set you back £19.99 for the same yield. It can be used to print out your winnings at machine a sous en ligne with amazing fluidity and colour.

Canon PIXMA G550

The Canon Pixma G550 isn’t the best all-round photo printer avaiable, but we decided to include it on this list since it still offers affordable long-term running costs if you plan on printing out photos on a frequent basis. This model utilises refillable bottles as opposed to cartridges, which immediately makes refills more cost effective. To boot, the G550’s bottles will last for either 3700 black pages or 8000 colour pages. It’s capable of 3800 10x15cm colour photos, giving you a cost per page of just 1.7p, which is some of the lowest we’ve ever seen. This is especially thanks to replacement bottles costing just £11. As well as offering great value for money, the G550 delivers great quality printouts.

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