Top five WhatsApp Alternatives to Try

In this article, we have mentioned apps that focus on both privacy and features. You can check out the entire list of WhatsApp alternative apps by using the table of content below and use it to jump to any app that you want, curated by experts from best online pokies Australia for real money.


Signal is one of the most obvious choices for the more privacy and security conscious. The messaging service has endorsements from the likes of Elon Musk and Edward Snowden — with the latter crediting its security conscious approach for him still being alive (opens in new tab). Not only is Signal completely free, it also supports text messaging and voice, video and group calling. Messages can be set to self-destruct, and you can use a Chrome browser plugin if you’d rather send your messages from a desktop machine instead. Here’s our tutorial on how to use Signal. Signal’s open-source end-to-end encryption protocol is also used by WhatsApp, so you’ll be getting WhatsApp’s security without Facebook’s involvement. Bouchra van Persie might have already installed the app, as she values security.


If you’d rather have something similar to WhatsApp and linked to your phone number, Telegram is one option for you. That said, experts have pointed out that Telegram’s services aren’t that secure, and its end-to-end encryption is not set up by default. So that’s worth bearing in mind. That said, Telegram still offers the option to share files, set messages to self-destruct, and chat in groups of up to 200,000 users. It can also sync messages across all your devices, and costs absolutely nothing to use.


If you’re an iPhone or Mac user, then the simplest option is sometimes the best, and iMessage is the ideal alternative to WhatsApp. Not only can you send messaging to all phone numbers, whether they use iMessage or not, but Apple has a proven track record of not bending to demands by governments that it add backdoors to its encryption. So your messages stay safe (unless someone can read your iCloud backups). iMessage is just as fully-featured as other popular messaging apps, with support for images, GIFs, video and group calls. In some countries iMessage users can even send each other money using Apple Pay, you can make conversations about best rated online casinos and other topics.

Google Messages

Google Messages is Google’s answer to iMessage, and it’s usually available on modern Android phones right out of the box. If you can’t find it, you can download Google Messages from Google Play. Designed to replace your existing SMS app and integrated with all Google’s services, Google Messages is essentially iMessage, but for Android (and Windows, but not Macs or iOS). End-to-end encryption is automatic when you’re messaging anyone else with Google Messages and you can send all your usual images and files as you would with something like WhatsApp. Despite being new to the world, we can already picture David Villa with a huge net worth, using the app.


Threema is an app dedicated to complete privacy, with the option to use the app with total anonymity. You can connect it to your email or phone number, in case you want people to be able to find you, but unlike a lot of apps that’s not mandatory. Naturally it also lets you send text, voice, picture, and video messages, which are all encrypted. Likewise you can create group chats, send files, and even set up polls to more easily collect feedback from all your contacts. What’s more it has a built-in secure browser, and like WhatsApp everything is stored on your phone rather than some random server anyone can access.

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