April 17, 2019

Webroot.com/safe – Webroot safe download – www.webroot.com/safe

www.webroot.com/safe is the official source that allows auto-download of the Webroot safe antivirus setup. This does not require account login or Webroot product keycode to download the security software. Yet you need to make sure that the browser is updated and the extensions support Webroot geek squadhomepage. The program supports Windows and Mac computers with its active firewall protection. Nevertheless, once the free version exceeds the validity, it becomes mandatory to buy a plan.

webroot com safe

The security package is available for personal and business use. While you choose a package for Home or Business, complete the purchase process. The product subscription includes two major steps- Product selection and account creation. As you complete the payment, you receive a mail containing Webroot geek squad product keycode. To go through a manual process, refer to the instruction below.

How to buy Webroot geek squad subscription? – webroot.com/safe

  1. Go to the official Webroot webpage and from the top menu page, select an option from- Home or business
  2. When prompted to the next page, click on ‘Product details’ right below ‘Add to cart’ button to expand included features
  3. Go through the details and then click ‘Add to cart’
  4. Click the ‘>’ arrow button to select the desired number of years for a one-time subscription
  5. Press ‘Add to cart’ button
  6. Enter Billing address on Easy One-Page Checkout
  7. Choose a payment method and press the orange ‘Buy now’ button

If you are an existing user and already have an account on the website, then check for the software’s validity period. Since Webroot geek squad has the feature to upgrade the software, it is possible to extend the validity while switching to another product. Say, if you are using Webroot safe antivirus with a subscription, you can upgrade or switch to Webroot internet security antivirus anytime. Visit webroot geek squad login and follow the steps below.

How to upgrade the Webroot geek squad subscription plan?

  1. From the homepage, login to your Webroot account
  2. Select a product and proceed to purchase it
  3. On ‘Easy One-Page Checkout’ tab, you will have the option to upgrade the software and to Encrypt your data by adding Wi-Fi Security
  4. Press the ‘Upgrade now’ options
  5. Complete the billing and the subscription validity will be extended

 In case you switch to a different product, uninstall it before installing the newer one. You can download new Webroot setup directly via webroot geek squad download. The geeksquad Webroot will offer you new services contained in the package.

Moreover, you can share the subscription on multiple devices if the package has this option. In contrary, Webroot safe download may also bring error messages. When you come across Webroot critical error message while installing the Webroot setup, it signifies several reasons. Possibly, the device is not compatible, there is an existing antivirus, and the firewall blocks the download. Thus, take measures for all these factors and proceed to download.

Geeksquad Webroot safe download with product keycode

  1. Insert the CD/ DVD and let it load
  2. Open Windows Explorer and double-click
  3. Run Webroot setup
  4. Enter the product key associated with Webroot.com/safe.
  5. Perform the on-screen instructions and complete the download

Reboot the computer after the installation. Launch the software UI on the screen and allow the requested permissions. Turn on firewall security to deploy real-time internet security. The below steps will guide you on how to turn on Webroot geek squad firewall security.

Turn on Webroot firewall security

  1. Open Webroot SecureAnywhere user interface
  2. You can see the Firewall status on the home page below ‘PC Security’
  3. If you see a green button, it indicates the Firewall is enabled and you do not need to press the button
  4. If you see a red-colored Off slider, then click on the button.
  5. This will direct you to complete a CAPTCHA
  6. As you succeed with the next step, you will see the Webroot firewall security has been turned on

To continue the advanced security features, keep the subscription activated. You can get in touch with the experts if you see any error to obtain Webroot help.

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