Why is my internet not working on my phone? 10 tips to solve it

What to do if the internet doesn’t work? Why is my internet not working on my phone? Smart working, video viewing and remote teaching: having an active and well-functioning network is essential. Sometimes, the Internet may freeze, perhaps in the middle of a video call or watching a movie in streaming.

Why is my internet not working on my phone?

Turn the router off and on again – This is the simplest and most basic solution to a line problem. Sometimes behind the Internet malfunction, there could be a communication error with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). The advice is to restart the router by pressing the power button, turning it back on after a few minutes. A further attempt can be made by disconnecting the device from the power supply: just unplug it and plug it back in after a few minutes. If there are problems in turning on the lights at the restart, it is necessary to consult the modem manual, evaluating the presence of any faults.

Check the connection with various devices

To understand the causes of the malfunction, it is recommended to try to connect and browse first from a smartphone than from a computer. If the connection does not work in both devices, the problem could be with the router or the line provider. If the connection works only in one of the devices, the problem likely derives from the device itself.

Check the Wi-Fi reception

If the connection is stronger in the vicinity of the router, while it becomes weak or absent when it is far away, the first thing to do is change the router’s location. Secondly, it is recommended to install Wi-Fi amplifiers to improve the signal range.

Check the network card is working

To understand if the problem comes from the device, it is necessary to evaluate the status of the network card. This can be done from the computer settings, deactivating and reactivating it. It is also possible to update both on Windows and Mac devices. If the network card is broken or old, it is better to buy a new external and improve the Wi-Fi reception.

Diagnosing the network

Windows and Mac systems have functions that allow you to perform a network diagnosis, automatically correcting any errors. On Windows, just right click on the connection icon and Troubleshoot. On the Mac, the Option key must be pressed, then click on the Wi-Fi status icon and choose the Open Wireless Diagnosis option.

Use an ethernet cable

An experiment to do when the internet isn’t working is to connect the router to the computer via an ethernet cable. If the connection improves, the problem is likely in the Wi-Fi network card or there is some interference in the signal. In the latter case, the router’s Wi-Fi channel can be changed by entering the router’s IP address in the address bar and accessing the device configuration menu. It will then be necessary to change the radio channel of the 2.4 GHz frequency band and the radio channel of the 5 GHz frequency band in the settings.

Do the speed test

Another operation to understand what is happening is to evaluate the speed of the Internet network. To do this, just perform the speed test, which highlights the speed of download and upload. The higher the values, the better the performance.

Changing DNS

The DNS server is a basic tool for web browsing. Its quality allows you to simplify navigation and make it faster. Selectra recommends adding in the browser settings (in the DNS area) the codes: and/or, which correspond to Google’s DNS.

Empty the DNS cache

To improve DNS resolution times, operating systems compile addresses that have already been visited on a small memory. This memory is called the DNS cache. It can be useful to clear the DNS cache, deleting all stored data, both for security reasons and for troubleshooting navigation problems.

Understanding if the router is suitable

The internet is not used by everyone in the same way. Some just use it to watch streaming movies, make video calls, and share projects on heavy files. According to individual needs, therefore, it is necessary to choose different devices. For example, in a home where several people use the Internet simultaneously, it would be advisable to purchase a high-end modem to avoid performance drops.

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