Why to avoid Samsung Phones

If you’re buying a new phone, you’d probably consider having an android phone,

and when it comes to android phones, one name is above everything else, Samsung. Samsung is one of the oldest phone makers globally, from QWERTY keypads to multiple back cameras, Stylus pen, and edge-to-edge touchscreen. The king android phones began operating in 1969 in Suwon, South Korea, manufacturing home appliances, such as televisions, refrigerators, electric fans, etc. Samsung released its first android phone way back in 2009, making it one of the leading smartphone competitors in the market across the world and they can be used to smoothly run games at online casinos Australia.

Samsung phones have a wide range of accessible features perfect for students, business people, and freelancers. They have one of the best cameras you can’t find on any other phone, not to mention their sleek, modern, and thin yet powerful glass screens. In addition, repairing Samsung phones is more straightforward and quicker than other phone brands. Also, it’s much cheaper than you might expect.

You may check it out with your local phone dealer or visit a website for more details. Furthermore, since smartphones are not cheap, you might want to consider these top pros and cons of buying a Samsung phone before you buy. When buying a new phone, you’re excited to know more about the great features that would make you purchase it, whether it’s the latest camera technology or an internal microprocessor. 

Limited Battery Life

Despite its excellent features, Samsung may not have a high-powered battery operation system as you might have expected. According to most users, recently bought Samsung phones charge quickly, and the battery may last for some time. However, after a couple of years, the battery performance degrades.

The phone may not charge as fast as before, even with the help of fast-charging chargers, and the battery drains quickly. Before, you can opt for your phone’s battery to be replaced with a new one, but it’s not the case with the latest Samsung models.

To solve your phone’s battery problems, you have to bring your phone to the nearest Samsung center. However, the process may take too long, unlike replacing batteries in older models. And you might have to leave your phone for a couple of days or weeks to become fully repaired.

Expensive Devices

The sad part about Samsung phones is that they are costly compared to other brands, like Oppo, Vivo, and Huawei. If you want to experience Samsung’s great features, you should prepare yourself to pay the high price. On top of that, these other brands may offer the same features as Samsung at a much lower price. Also, Samsung is not as popular as before since many people view them as ‘outdated’ phones.

Bulky Devices

One of the problems Samsung users typically encounter is its bulky size and heavyweight. Because of such factors, carrying a Samsung phone using your hands or pockets is not easy, unlike its famous iPhone rival. Also, you have to purchase extra tools to manage it perfectly without any problems, such as screen protectors, phone cases, and phone covers.

Poor Storage Capacity

Samsung is an excellent phone for people who want a manageable storage capacity, such as gamers and business people. However, nothing comes for free, and it might be more expensive than you think. If you need additional storage capacity, you need to buy an extra memory card. Samsung allows you to purchase phone models with higher storage capacity but at a super high price. So, think carefully since other brands may offer vast amounts of storage without spending too much. However, they offer good experience when you play games from best new Zealand casino online.


Bloatware is an unnecessary software program that often comes pre-installed in all Samsung phones, such as Google Mail, Calendar, Chrome, Google Assistant, and more. Also, Samsung phones may come with pre-loaded Samsung apps, such as Samsung Pay, Email, Samsung Apps Store, Smart Things, Samsung Browser, etc. You might have tried deleting these apps to free up some storage. However, they won’t leave you no matter how you try it. You can’t uninstall them, but you can disable them. It is a big problem for most Samsung users because these apps take a valuable amount of storage, which you can use on other important tasks, such as saving files and more.

Poor Cooling System

If you play any games using a Samsung phone, you’ll probably notice how fast it heats just minutes of playing. It also becomes hotter during hot climates, especially the summer season. And if you try playing with other brands, especially iPhones, you’ll notice that it doesn’t get as hot as your Samsung phone. Furthermore, this ineffective heating system appears while playing games and with intensive Android apps. The problem may usually result from battery system issues. Unfortunately, this happens to all flagship units of Samsung, whether they’re expensive or cheap models.

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