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A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them. We chose a different path. Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets.”

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FaceTime Won’t Connect on iPhone, 8 Solutions

FaceTime received one of the biggest feature enhancements in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Apple did not receive positive opinions from users until iOS 14 regarding the reliability of FaceTime. You may have FaceTime connection problems while on a call. Read on to learn what to do when FaceTime won’t connect on iPhone.

Epic seven plays fandom not anime

Epic Seven is a mobile game that plays a very big role in the fandom, not anime. Over 100k people have played it and have been entertained by its wonderful gameplay and great graphics. Epic seven combines strategy with team management, the only other games to do this are the league of legends and dota two, which are also csgo compared to this mobile game which is easy to play and requires less skill.

All about Epic seven plays fandom, not anime

Epic seven needs more recognition not only bc of its fandom but also because it has esports potential. Imagine the viewership if they were to hold an eps tournament with epic seven at the colosseum in Rome or at Wembley. It would be amazing.

The gameplay is unique because you control a team of 7 people to battle monsters and a rival team. You need a strategy in epic seven. It’s not just a hack and slash game. The competitive scene would be great for esports because there are different roles you can take up. Keep reading epic seven anime.

Epic Seven Characters

They are also very unique because not only do they have their own unique skills, but they are aesthetically pleasing.

The only other mobile game that can compete with this one is Summoners War. Other games can’t compete with the true epicness of Epic Seven. Another reason epic seven needs more recognition is its graphics especially compared to other mobile games. It is also more interactive and realistic. You actually have to strategize in this game, unlike other games, which makes it a fun experience.

Epic seven, not anime, is a great mobile game with a fandom unlike any other. If they were to hold an eps tournament with epic seven at the colosseum in Rome or at Wembley, it would be amazing. They also need more recognition because it is better than Summoners War and other mobile games. There are different roles you can take up in epic seven which makes it unique.

Who are the characters in the epic?

The character in Epic 7 is unique because they have their own abilities and are aesthetically pleasing. My favorite is Shaina. She’s so cool! How can you not like her! I also love her design and personality. But if we’re talking about looks, I would have to say haile.

There are different roles you can take up in epic 7, which makes it unique. The gameplay is unique because you control a team of 7 people to battle monsters and rival teams.

Epic seven needs more recognition this year. It has been going strong since 2015 with the amount of growth the fandom has taken on. It could really be pushed into esports.

Epic seven has its pros and cons, but it needs more recognition to grow further. It can’t be pushed into esports without the fandom behind it to support it. I believe epic seven needs more recognition and should be pushed into esports because of its unique gameplay and its fanbase.

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How to find out if a phone is on without calling it?

In this article, we have decided to talk and address a topic related to telephony, and specifically, we want to try to learn how to find out if a phone is on without calling it. That’s right. We will try to investigate and deepen this always current and also interesting topic. Let’s start this article by saying that the world of technology is certainly a very beautiful and fascinating world and, above all, rapidly expanding. Countless technological products are updated and modified every year to adapt perfectly to customers’ needs.

How to find out if a phone is on without calling it?

We see that the person we call does not answer us several times, perhaps justifying and saying that he had the phone off. It is important to investigate to put an end to our perplexities. In fact, in this guide, we will see how to find out if a phone is on even without calling it, is a really simple and very fast way, without risking problems and errors. Enjoy your reading and have fun.

Activate the delivery report option

The first suggestion is to activate the delivery report option on our phone for all the messages we send. Simply select the menu, point to the message icon, and, in the message settings, in the SMS section, check the box that enables the delivery report service. Once this is done and done, we can try to send an SMS to the person we are interested in. In this way, we can check if the phone is turned off or if the person avoids answering us.

Check your phone via Facebook

The second method will be used thanks to Facebook, allowing us to monitor our chat if we have it as a friend or as a friend and your Facebook profile. It can often appear online on Facebook; next to the personal image and its name, if it is connected to a smartphone, the mobile phone logo is also visible.

Check the Facebook location service

On the other hand, if he does not enter the chat and maybe he still has the location service active on his phone, we will be able to inspect any publication of photos or videos on his profile. The location service is very precise: in addition to seeing where the interested party is, we will also see the exact time he posted videos or photos on the social network.

Focus on sincerity

As you may have observed, there are many ways to find out if someone’s phone is on or not. Personally, however, I would recommend focusing on frankness and clarifying immediately if there are concrete possibilities to refine relationships. Sincerity often turns out to be the best move, managing to immediately eliminate any doubts you may have.

The last way to ascertain whether we are dealing with a person who avoids us will be to entrust ourselves to a trusted friend. The latter could tell us when we try to interact with the person we are interested in, whether or not he considers our attention.

Knowing how to understand if a cell phone is on even without necessarily having to clear it and then make it ring is very interesting and useful.

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How to create a virtual phone number?

Do you want to know what the characteristics of the virtual number are? How can I create one for online services? Discover all this with us. There are numerous online services that, for registration purposes, require the indication of the telephone number, even in the face of the need to carry out a registration confirmation procedure through the telephone number. It is often a way to ensure greater security during registration. However, not everyone appreciates the idea of ​​sharing their telephone number on the internet. For this reason, it can be useful to use a virtual number.

What is the virtual number?

The virtual number is simply a temporary telephone number, which can be obtained through the web and is valid for a limited period. It is a useful tool to avoid having to provide your usual address, which you may prefer to keep confidential. In this regard, numerous services online allow, free of charge, to create a virtual number to receive SMS. For example, using the virtual number for Telegram is useful, as otherwise, it is impossible to register without providing your telephone number.

How to create a virtual number?

First of all, it is good to know that the virtual mobile number is only temporary. It is good to use them only in case of absolute necessity, as many web services use an automatic verification and blocking system to avoid the abuse of these systems. That said, several sites allow you to create a virtual number for free.

Such as Receive-SMS

This is a site that makes some US numbers available, which can be used for receiving SMS. You need to access the site’s home page, then go to the Demo Numbers section, where you can find the address to use. Once chosen, just click on it to see the messages received, with the date of receipt and the origin of the message.

Therefore, using one of these free numbers to register online, you can read the confirmation message on this screen, which will appear at the top of the list. Of course, you can see all the messages received from this number shared by all users who choose to use it. If you want to use a virtual number. It must be purchased privately through the Pricing section, which allows you to purchase packages of numbers.


It offers a series of numbers of various nationalities. Also, in this case, it will be sufficient to select the number you have chosen to see the list of messages received on it and find your own if it was used. Also, in this case, the service is free, but you can always choose to buy a private telephone number by clicking on “Buy private number.”

Free Online Phone

It is characterized by an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Just click on the “Read SMS” button located next to the number chosen to view the messages received, checking which can be yours based on date, time, and sender. Of course, with numerous messages arriving from many people using the same address, you will have to be careful to locate yours.

Spoof Box

It is a site specializing in disposable services, from emails to virtual phone numbers. From the site’s home page, you will have to click on the drop-down menu, where it says, “Select one of our temporary numbers.” In this way, you can immediately choose numbers of different nationalities, even Italians. Once you have chosen the address, you will have to use it for the service you want to register for, then click on the “Receive” button to view all the messages received.

To verify that the selected number is active, you can click on the word “Number” in the center of the screen and search among all the numbers if the chosen number is online or not. The service has the additional advantage of being usable by Android and iOS devices. This allows you to use the virtual number service even on a mobile device.

Other useful services for this purpose are Get Free Sms Number, Sms Receive Free, Receive-Sms-Online. Some are usable only from the web, others from mobile devices. Alternatively, some companies allow the purchase of VoIP numbers to be used by computers or smartphones.

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WhatsApp spell check: How to activate the checker on Whatsapp

In recent years we have witnessed the progressive development of apps for smartphones and tablets, useful for keeping yourself constantly updated and in contact with your friends. Among the best known and downloaded by users, Whatsapp should be mentioned. It is precisely an instant messaging application, which allows you to quickly send text messages, audio files, voice recordings, videos, and images. It also allows you to make VoIP calls via an Internet connection. Being instant messaging, it is useful to use WhatsApp spell check to avoid oversights or spelling errors in typing some text.

How to use WhatsApp spell check

This operation is not complex, but in any case, requires only some precautions since the activation or deactivation of the app changes depending on the operating system used. In fact, Whatsapp itself does not have this function. You only need to change some configurations on the keyboard of your smartphone. The checker, therefore, will not have a function limited to WhatsApp but will be valid for text messages or other applications. In the following steps, we will show you how to activate WhatsApp spell check based on the operating system used.

Start to check spell

If you have a smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system, you need to go to Settings “, directly from the app menu or in the window where you write messages by clicking on the gear icon. At this point, scroll down until you find the item Language and input and select it. Then, click on the gear icon corresponding to the default keyboard of your phone (eg: Samsung keyboard). Another window will open, scroll down to find “text prediction”, and move the pointer to the right to activate it. Also, by clicking on it, you can customize options regarding punctuation, capitalization, complete correction, or replacing the word with a more suitable one. With this simple operation, you will be able to activate the automatic corrector on Whatsapp and other applications.

Check the spelling

When typing texts on WhatsApp, the spelling is automatically checked and when the system believes that a word is misspelled, it is corrected. The automatic correction function can be useful at times. But it’s not a foolproof feature, and it can sometimes annoy you by correcting words you didn’t even want, especially when you’re trying to type a text message with shorthand words or abbreviated terms. It results in a lot of humorous and disastrous exchanges when sending messages. This post will show you how to prevent WhatsApp from automatically predicting and correcting your words. Activating the corrector for Whatsapp on iOS is a fairly simple and immediate operation. From your iPhone or iPad, select the item Settings. From the “menu,” click on General and continue, clicking on Keyboard. You will find a number of options. To perform automatic text control, simply move the slider to the right, which will light up to confirm that it is activated. It may happen that by writing words in a foreign language, you underline them in red as an error. In this case, you can solve the problem by switching the spell checker off.

Suggest the text

Long press the comma character (,) on your keyboard, then select the gear icon that pops up. It will take you directly to the keyboard settings page. Alternatively, can you also go to your phone’s “Settings” “Language and input” and select the keyboard you are using to open the same page.

For Windows Phone users, it is possible to activate the automatic corrector on Whatsapp. Just start your smartphone and access the Settings Menu. Then select the Keyboard Option. Remember that, before inserting the text correctly, you must specify the type of language in use. Conclude the procedure by checking the box Suggest text.

Open the menu

Long press the comma character (,) on your keyboard, then select the gear icon that pops up. It will take you directly to the keyboard settings page. Alternatively, can you also go to your phone’s “Settings” “Language and input” and select the keyboard you are using to open the same page. Spelling correction is not a feature of WhatsApp. It is an option that several keyboards have for Android. Therefore, we will not have any option to activate or deactivate the checker from your own messaging application. On your device, click on the message icon, open the menu, click on options and check “word replacement.” You can also decide which options to customize to facilitate your writing.

In various operating systems, you can disable the automatic checker at any time. Simply deselect the set command. The automatic corrector can make typing inaccuracies or misinterpret some words. We, therefore, recommend that you always re-read the typed text.

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What to do when we can’t establish a secure connection?

Unable to establish a secure connection is an error message not so rare when, from a computer, smartphone or tablet, we are surfing the Internet and typing the name of a site in the search bar of the browser that we usually use. The control screen then activates a real block, which prevents us from accessing the web page of our interest.

What to do when we can’t establish a secure connection

Not only that, in some cases, you will also come across a whole series of rather frustrating errors, with the result of giving up on the intent. Yet, it is possible to stem this age-old problem of a secure connection by evaluating several fundamental elements one by one, illustrated in this article. This article is then proposed as a guide to understanding what the warning impossible to establish a secure connection means and what to do to solve it.

Unable to establish a secure connection: the meaning and possible causes

As we mentioned, browsing the web may happen to come across some portals for which the viewing of the contents is prevented due to a screen that returns the message “unable to establish a secure connection”. Followed by the indication of an error, which on Google Chrome, for example, is identified by the code ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR. When this message appears, it means that an error has occurred and that the search engine is preventing access to the site. The causes of the error – very frequent on Chrome and less using competing browsers, they could be different, and not always attributable to the site that you try to achieve. Once the meaning has been metabolized, it is now advisable to understand what the inconvenience is due to, and only then to check if something can be done to continue browsing.

The site does not have an SSL certification.

When the error that it is impossible to establish a secure connection appears, and the aforementioned ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR code, it is likely that the web portal we are trying to access does not have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification that is the cryptographic protocol that allows secure communication from source to recipient. In this case, the data sent to the browser is not recognized and consequently considered unsafe. To immediately recognize a secure site, pay attention to the presence of the https code in the initial part of the address. You will understand that the problem is attributable to the server, and we will then have to wait for the site manager to update its certificate to attempt new access.

Problems related to the device

Suppose the web portal to which we want to access does not present critical issues related to the SSL protocol. In that case, the causes that could make it impossible to establish a secure connection with Wi-Fi – or with other means of surfing the net, must consequently be sought in some problem with our device, be it a PC, a smartphone, a tablet or a game console with a browser. And if it is true that for the Secure Sockets Layer, we can only wait patiently for a resolution “from above”, in the same way in the second hypothesis, we can instead act concretely by following the instructions in the final part of this guide.

Unable to Establish Secure Connection – How to Fix

If the error message “unable to establish a secure connection” is due to our device, an excellent way to eliminate the problem could be to analyze our protection software. The various antivirus and firewalls on the market are absolutely essential for guaranteeing the safety of our devices. They are always “vigilant” when an Internet connection is active. Therefore, one or more domains we want to access are classified as unsafe when they are not recognized, leading to the appearance of the error we are talking about. To verify the connection problem is linked to the presence of the antivirus or firewall, the advice is to go and temporarily disable all the protection software installed. If the website is displayed correctly, it means that the antivirus or the firewall.

On other occasions, the error message is displayed for problems caused by information stored in the cache of your web browser. Nothing could be simpler: clear the cache and cookies and try to access the site again. To complete this procedure, just click on the three dots at the top right of Chrome and then choose the Settings option, selecting Advanced and then the Privacy and Security option, in which the item Clear browsing data is present. Even the case in which the presence of an incorrect time and date in your system prevents the secure connection. We will then have to set the correct information manually to try to eliminate the anomaly.

To close, at the base of the errors related to the absence of a secure connection, a web browser extension could also be a malfunction. As many of you already know, extensions are additional features that we can add to our browser to make it more complete and comfortable to use in navigation.

Why is my internet not working on my phone? 10 tips to solve it

What to do if the internet doesn’t work? Why is my internet not working on my phone? Smart working, video viewing and remote teaching: having an active and well-functioning network is essential. Sometimes, the Internet may freeze, perhaps in the middle of a video call or watching a movie in streaming.

How to use Telegram without a phone number?

Among the advantages of Telegram compared to WhatsApp, its main competitor as well as the most popular instant messaging app in the world, is that of being able to communicate with others without necessarily having to give up your phone number, an opportunity that on certain occasions can turn into a not insignificant advantage.

When you place an online ad, and you prefer to keep private your phone number until the negotiations reach the final stages, for example, or when you participate in groups particularly numerous (i Telegram groups for up to 200,000 members!). In short, there are several examples of circumstances in which it can be useful to keep your phone number to yourself, and Telegram is one of the few messaging apps that allows you to do it even in a rather simple way. Not to mention that you can also register for the service without having to provide your phone number, for example, for privacy reasons.

How to use Telegram without a phone number?

It is worth saying right away that it is not possible to subscribe to Telegram without using any phone number. It is necessary to provide one, even if only to receive the SMS confirmation message for registration, so if you do not want to use your own, you have to “circumvent” the matter.

There are at least three alternatives to use to complete the activation:

  • Use a temporary number
  • Use an old SIM
  • Use a dedicated SIM

To register using a temporary number, you can contact one of the various online services such as Spoof Box, which has the double advantage of being free and multiplatform. There is the website but also the app for Android and iOS.

The practice of registering with Telegram using an old SIM needs little explanation and is probably the best choice in terms of simplicity and immediacy. We only have to hope that the SIM is still active and, therefore, can hook up the network, which is not so obvious if it has not been used for a long time.

Otherwise, you can buy a SIM dedicated to the purpose. In the past, the costs to activate a SIM with a new number were not as moderate as now, so with a few euros, you can solve the question in an operator’s shop or in one that deals with more than one. In this case, it is worth considering the idea of ​​contacting a virtual operator as I have.

Once you have the number to use for registration, simply download Telegram for Android or iOS and follow the wizard.

Browse Telegram without a phone number

Using Telegram without others being able to view your phone number is possible by setting a public username, i.e., a personalized nickname consisting of letters and numbers.


Here’s how to set up a username on Telegram to use instead of the phone number:

On the iPhone: you have to touch the item Settings on the bottom of the screen, then click on Edit at the top left and then click User Name ;

On Android: you have to open the side menu by touching the symbol at the top left of the screen, then on Settings and finally on Username.

Once you have set your “virtual name” on Telegram – which can contain letters, numbers and underscores, and must be at least 5 characters long – this will be used as if it were a real phone number.

It should be borne in mind that on Telegram, there is a global search, so anyone, once they find a username, can start a chat while still not knowing the phone number. If you do not like the idea of ​​being – potentially – contacted by a stranger, it is advisable not to set a username.

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How to use messenger without Facebook?

Managing Facebook takes a lot of time. If it’s a pleasure for you, there is no reason to cancel – or put on standby – your account. If, on the other hand, the “game” has tired you because this amount of information has become unmanageable, no one forces you to stay. Let’s see How to use messenger without Facebook. If you still have the opportunity to chat with your friends, maybe it is an extra incentive to say bye-bye, or maybe just goodbye, to the social network.

How to turn on pc remotely?

It is possible to turn on the PC remotely through devices such as PCs and smartphones, after installing some simple programs, some for a fee, others free. Remote access to the PC is possible thanks to the particular Wake-On-LAN technology, a function of the network cards that allows you to intercept information passing through the router and use it to wake up the PC. The only constraint is that the PC must not be completely shut down but must be on standby. Find out what are the methods to access the PC remotely.

How to lock and unlock the iPhone screen?

Read this complete guide where we will teach you how to set an iPhone screen lock. Find out now how to protect your data on your Apple smartphone!

You care about your privacy and want to prevent someone from snooping on your smartphone. With our guide, we will teach you just how to lock and unlock the iPhone screen so that your iPhone is always safe. You may not know, but it is possible to lock the Apple smartphone both remotely and locally. Let’s see how it’s done!

Remote iPhone screen lock

Have you forgotten your iPhone at a friend’s house or office and want to lock it so that no one goes to peek through your smartphone data? To lock the iPhone screen, you need to connect from your computer to iCloud.com and log in with your Apple ID. Then, click on the Find iPhone icon, type your Apple ID again and, after a few seconds, you will see the Apple Maps map appear.

At this point, click on all devices and, in the menu that appears, click on the name of your device. Do you see a green dot next to your iPhone name? Good sign. It means that you have located the phone and can lock it. If, on the other hand, you cannot locate your smartphone, you cannot lock the screen. Remember that if the phone is turned off or not connected to the Internet, it cannot be found.

When you have found your iPhone on the map, click on the Lost Mode icon you see at the top right. Then, follow the directions that appear on the screen. You will see that it is very simple. You just need to type in a phone number, set an unlock code and then a personalized message. Once you’re done, hit the Finish button. To find and lock your iPhone remotely, you can also use the Find iPhone app.

How to lock iPhone screen with unlock code

Now let’s see how to lock the iPhone screen if you forgot to set the unlock code when you set up your phone after purchasing it. First, press the gear icon to access the iPhone settings, and then select Touch ID and code from the screen you see appear.

Then, continue by tapping on Enable code and type twice the 6-digit code you need to lock the iPhone screen. You can also create a 4-digit unlock code or set an unlock password consisting of numbers, letters and special characters. You have to press on the item Code options and choose custom alphanumeric code or 4-digit numeric code from the menu that appears. Then, type in the code or password, copy it to the next screen and you’re done.

IPhone screen lock with Touch ID code

Let’s see now how you can perform the iPhone screen lock using the Touch ID code. With this system, you can lock your phone screen simply with your fingerprint. Just access your iPhone settings by pressing the gear icon, select Touch ID and passcode from the screen you see and type in your phones unlock code.

If the iPhone Unlock option is not activated, move the unlock switch to ON. Then, tap on Add a fingerprint and follow the instructions to configure the recognition of your fingerprint. Then, place your finger on the Home button on your phone and when you see the word, Adjust the grip on the screen, take your iPhone and put your finger on the Home button again. Perfect, now you have locked the phone screen with your fingerprint.

Remove the iPhone screen lock

If you get tired of typing the code or using Touch ID every time you have to use your phone, you can always remove the iPhone screen lock. How you do it? We will explain it to you immediately! You must always access the settings by tapping on the gear icon, then select Touch ID and code and enter the PIN. On the screen that appears, press on Disable code and tap the Disable button to confirm the operation.

Now you no longer have to enter the passcode to use your iPhone. Do you want to remove the Touch ID too? No problem, the process is very simple. Open the settings by always pressing the icon marked with gear and tap on Touch ID and code. At this point, you just have to remove the checkmark next to the item Unlock iPhone to disable the use of the fingerprint. Now you know how to put the iPhone screen lock on and off whenever you want to protect the data you have on your phone.

How to increase internet download speed in Android?

Mobile phones today, in their incarnation of smartphones, have become indispensable tools for the life of each of us. Therefore, it is useful to have efficient and fast one so as not to waste precious time and sometimes even a lot of money. It often happens that surfing the internet through Android is slow and not only for issues related to the shaky data telephone line. In this way, to increase the speed, it is necessary to use some simple tricks to optimize performance. I will explain how to increase internet download speed in Android with some simple tricks in the following guide.

How to free up RAM on Android?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a type of memory present on the motherboard of a device. It is also called central memory and acts as an intermediary between processor and memory (for example, internal memory or the microSD). This means that it is a volatile, random access memory that contains the data of the applications currently running, which will then be loaded into the CPU for execution. Being a random access memory, it means that the access to the memory occurs much more quickly because you go to act on the data in a timely manner, as opposed to what happens.

How to enable cookies on all browsers and devices?

When we browse the internet, various tools allow us to simplify the online experience, speeding up the operations carried out more frequently, for example, by saving information such as preferences and login data to websites and applications. In particular, these are cookies, files that allow the personalized setting of the browser on the PC or mobile devices, configuring them according to your needs and the desired level of Privacy and security. Here’s how to enable cookies on all major navigation systems, to make web browsing faster and more optimized.

How do I enable incognito mode?

Surfing incognito is one of the first steps to take to safeguard our privacy on the Net. Although it must be remembered that this method does not guarantee total online protection: the sites we visit do not appear in the program history, but companies know very well which pages we have seen.