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You might be wondering why you see a lot of people enjoy wearing a smartwatch. The reason is that smartwatches are great devices.
A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them. We chose a different path. Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets.”

— Steve Jobs, Apple

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What to do when we can’t establish a secure connection?

Unable to establish a secure connection is an error message not so rare when, from a computer, smartphone or tablet, we are surfing the Internet and typing the name of a site in the search bar of the browser that we usually use. The control screen then activates a real block, which prevents us from accessing the web page of our interest.

Why is my internet not working on my phone? 10 tips to solve it

What to do if the internet doesn’t work? Why is my internet not working on my phone? Smart working, video viewing and remote teaching: having an active and well-functioning network is essential. Sometimes, the Internet may freeze, perhaps in the middle of a video call or watching a movie in streaming.

How to use Telegram without a phone number?

Among the advantages of Telegram compared to WhatsApp, its main competitor as well as the most popular instant messaging app in the world, is that of being able to communicate with others without necessarily having to give up your phone number, an opportunity that on certain occasions can turn into a not insignificant advantage.

How to use messenger without Facebook?

Managing Facebook takes a lot of time. If it’s a pleasure for you, there is no reason to cancel – or put on standby – your account. If, on the other hand, the “game” has tired you because this amount of information has become unmanageable, no one forces you to stay. Let’s see How to use messenger without Facebook. If you still have the opportunity to chat with your friends, maybe it is an extra incentive to say bye-bye, or maybe just goodbye, to the social network.

How to turn on pc remotely?

It is possible to turn on the PC remotely through devices such as PCs and smartphones, after installing some simple programs, some for a fee, others free. Remote access to the PC is possible thanks to the particular Wake-On-LAN technology, a function of the network cards that allows you to intercept information passing through the router and use it to wake up the PC. The only constraint is that the PC must not be completely shut down but must be on standby. Find out what are the methods to access the PC remotely.

How to lock and unlock the iPhone screen?

Read this complete guide where we will teach you how to set an iPhone screen lock. Find out now how to protect your data on your Apple smartphone!

You care about your privacy and want to prevent someone from snooping on your smartphone. With our guide, we will teach you just how to lock and unlock the iPhone screen so that your iPhone is always safe. You may not know, but it is possible to lock the Apple smartphone both remotely and locally. Let’s see how it’s done!

How to increase internet download speed in Android?

Mobile phones today, in their incarnation of smartphones, have become indispensable tools for the life of each of us. Therefore, it is useful to have efficient and fast one so as not to waste precious time and sometimes even a lot of money. It often happens that surfing the internet through Android is slow and not only for issues related to the shaky data telephone line. In this way, to increase the speed, it is necessary to use some simple tricks to optimize performance. I will explain how to increase internet download speed in Android with some simple tricks in the following guide.

How to free up RAM on Android?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a type of memory present on the motherboard of a device. It is also called central memory and acts as an intermediary between processor and memory (for example, internal memory or the microSD). This means that it is a volatile, random access memory that contains the data of the applications currently running, which will then be loaded into the CPU for execution. Being a random access memory, it means that the access to the memory occurs much more quickly because you go to act on the data in a timely manner, as opposed to what happens.

How to enable cookies on all browsers and devices?

When we browse the internet, various tools allow us to simplify the online experience, speeding up the operations carried out more frequently, for example, by saving information such as preferences and login data to websites and applications. In particular, these are cookies, files that allow the personalized setting of the browser on the PC or mobile devices, configuring them according to your needs and the desired level of Privacy and security. Here’s how to enable cookies on all major navigation systems, to make web browsing faster and more optimized.

How do I enable incognito mode?

Surfing incognito is one of the first steps to take to safeguard our privacy on the Net. Although it must be remembered that this method does not guarantee total online protection: the sites we visit do not appear in the program history, but companies know very well which pages we have seen.